(Buika, by my friend's 8yo son, Rafael)

For more than 20 years I've been around the communication business. Born and raised as a creative, my love has always been art direction and design. From photolith to IG stories, from a in loco event to a digital one, from agency to the client side, I've known a plethora of the many sides of the communication business.

For a while my passion is selling true campaigns and products. Call me a creative bridge constructor: you can count on me to deliver your brand/product to the right public, with the best message and within the right time.

As creative director on my design studio Dona Baronesa, my work was published and recognized by many top design resources and publications all over the world. 

For the last years, I've led design, content, marketing and communications for great health companies, bringing more brand value and results through innovative solutions and processes focused on the most valuable asset: people. 


Know how

Solid knowledge on visual communication, concepting, design, graphic arts, branding, typography, illustration, printing processes, webdesign and customer focused content.

Strong strategic view.
Great managing skills, leading people and creating processes that increase delivery and save time/effort.


My creative work on health can be found here:


My most recent work on creative direction and branding can be seen on Zetta's website and social media:





Um Cartaz para São Paulo (Jan 2013 - SP / Brasil)

Cartaz para SP


Featured on


Page - Design Magazine (Germany)
Article on page 46, about the best design on healthcare, showcased together with some of the world's top ad agencies.

Brand & Single Page Design (China)
Featuring "RAUMPATROUILLE" exhibition ID, "Prepare to Be Born" film festival ID and Dona Baronesa Visual ID designed by Pablo Brandon and Ale Buika.

Brochure & Layout - Top Design Series (China)
Lemon Light Summer Collection Catalog.

Gallery Vol. 15 (China)
Dona Baronesa's sustainable visual ID at Gallery vol. 15 catalog by the chinese publisher Chois Gallery.

NOVUM (Germany)
Dona Baronesa's ID featured at NOVUM - World Of Graphic Design.

PAGE (Germany)
Dona Baronesa's ID: Strongly sustained - Industry & careersStrongly sustained - Industry & careers.

Zupi (Brazil)
Illustration gallery, featured art.


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