Care is a skin thing

Motherly affection is a skin thing.

Heat of emotion is a skin thing.

Goosebumps is a skin thing.

And care is, too…

The skin is not only the biggest organ of our body, but it is also our greeting card, responsible for these and other indescribable sensations of our daily life. Besides, it works as a protective barrier against external agents: sun rays, fungi, bacteria, chemical products… Isn’t it a good reason for you to take care of yourself?


Ale Buika - Creative Direction
Ricardo Freiesleben, Bruno Alencar, Eduardo Prado, Bernardo Igreja, Silvia Piccolo - Copywriting
Victor Vega, Carlos Amaral, Rogerio Cunha, Clayton Hayashi - Art Direction
Rodrigo Leal, Rogerio Cunha, Marcela Reis - Motion Design
Gustavo Moser, Paulo Mata - Design
Rodrigo Leal – Videomaker

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